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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Its a.....


Oh my goodness! I am thrilled but totally was not expecting a girl! I had thought boy the whole time! I cried through the whole ultrasound, it was just amazing!

I know J is happy and maybe a little dissapointed. I know he will not admit it because he is happy either way but don't all guys want a boy first?

His theory is he drinks too much Mt. Dew and that affected it... Ha!

I said if there is a next time around, he will have to go on Mt. Dew free diet!

I am just relieved the anatomy scan looked good, so far. We do have to go back for a follow up scan because the tech couldn't get several measurements she needed. so woohoo for another ultrasound!

I outed myself on FB, felt weird doing it but it was nice thats its out there and I don't have to be so secretive.


Jolene said...

YAY!! I am SO excited it's a girl! For some reason, yesterday afternoon, all of a sudden it hit me and I just KNEW you were having a girl!! It was so weird, I was completely convinced!! Must have been when you were having your ultrasound :) XO!

Veggie Girl and Family said...

Awwww thats awesome! Seriously, I laughed on Sunday when you said it but you were right!