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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I love my two year old

I know I know I go for long stretches without blogging. Alas, I was sucked into the daily buzz and bustle of daily life in my new role as an adjunct. I do enjoy my new job and being called Dr. doesn't hurt!

It does come at price. I am having the hardest time separating from Isabel.  I find myself sitting at my desk gazing at her picture and wishing I could run right over and pick her up from school and cuddle her.

At first, I thought it was that I didn't like her school. After briefly pondering switching her, I decided to stick it out since she seems happy there and try to dig deep and see if its really me.  I think it is me. I think I would feel sad no matter where she was if we aren't together. But I do have peace of mind that she is happy and safe their and hopefully loved but not as much I love her!

I am actually a bit surprise I feel so sad at work. I thought maybe its because I *have* to be there instead of last year where I was working but it was flexible and more for me to finish my PhD.  I think while I like my job and adjusting to the new pace and expectations I don't think even my dream job would make me happier than while I with Isabel.

So if seems strange because last spring when I was finishing up and was going to be home for the summer, I will admit I was scared and a little nervous I wouldn't be able to fill up 7 days of the week and not be bored or frustrated with Isabel.  But the summer flew and was really quite enjoyable!

Her second birthday arrived quickly and it hit me harder than her first. I think its because the year went so fast and I just treasure her all the more every day!  *mush fest alert*

Her birthday was so fun, with Elmo, balloons, good friends, family and a perfect day of weather it couldn't have been better!

Everyone warned me of the terrible 2's and I felt ready. Isabel being one of the more willful kids I figured I was in for it.  But really, I am happy to say that she is taking well to correction (discipline more than re-direction), weaned during the day and though she has a ton of energy manages to listen and be patient as needed.

I just find myself really enjoying this age.  She is talking so much, sings, holds my hand, snuggles including when I pick her up complete with her head on my shoulder. It is just precious and makes my heart melt.  I just love her plain and simple and feel blessed for the joy she is and that she brings to me and her family!