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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Seeds are in!

Nothing better than to get seeds in the mail in March because it means summer is coming! I ordered pumpkins (Racer with PMR), cucumbers, tomatoes (Sun Gold), artichokes, sugar snap peas, yellow beans, and sunflowers. So exciting!

Spring seems to be coming early this year, the snow has melted, the ground is softening and the air is mild and its only March!

I have been home sick this week with Bronchitis and its been fun to just dream about the summer and the garden! Every time I take the dogs out I look over at the garden and smile.

I smile first because I can't wait to plant and grow vegetables but also thrilled I don't have to set up the garden like we did last spring. Not to complain but it was kind of back breaking.

Its funny because at the start of the project it didn't seem so monumental but looking back, we took down three trees, cleared the lot, spread 20 yards of loam, put up a fence, made the beds, ammended the soil and thats all before we planted anything!

Can't wait for spring! The bulbs are starting to poke through the soil :)