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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ok so its been another month!

One more moth has gone by and I have only gotten feed back from 3 out of the 5 faculty members on my quals. Its so aggrivating because the results are so important to me!

Whatever, I assume I passed and have moved onto research. I have been harvesting squash everyday and am finally done! I am wiped! I also dug sweet potatoes I love them!

I have been also caught up in teaching, we took a field trip yesterday. It made me really appreaciate fall and farming. I secretly wish I could have a farm, that would be the life for me!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

OK its almost been a month

So, I made it through the qualifying exam process, it was actually not as bad as I thought it would be. The time constraint of only 8h was rough but I felt like I was focused and in the zone most of the time. The anticipation is worse.

In general, I think it always is! For instance this semester is going ok even though I felt much anxiety leading up.

Maybe it is the nice weather that I am enjoying every minute of!

So far I passed 2 quals and am waiting to here back on the 3 others.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Squash status report

Ok the sun is shining and I have decided that that makes everything better! My squash seem to be pulling through. We have some rotting due to various fungi and possibly plectosporium but they will be sprayed tomorrow. Phew! It was nice working in the sun today, such a change of pace from all the rain!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Quals are taking over my life!

Yup I am back, nope this blogging thing was not just a one day affair!

Status report on the squash plants: soggy and wet and I hope to get back into the field tomorrow to finish tagging and hope not to see any more soft rot laced fruit!

Overall today, I am frustrated and after venting to several people have realized that I must compartmentalize right now and just focus on studying for my qualifiers. Why is it that when you are upset about a world of other things the one thing you should do is not what you want to do?

I know that is the right thing to do so here I am studying about DRIs and factors that effect carotenogenesis in fruit tissue and ripening.

I do know that qualifying exams are important, first they are a tradition that many an advisor will relish their experience and share their stories of their grueling experiences and feel the need to make it an excruciating experience for the student (me) just so we will have something to tell our future grad students.

Actually, my advisor has been really good about it, it is more me that is imposing the pressure and stress. Mostly, because I want to do well because I feel my committee has such high expectations of me that I best do well!

So that is my aim= do my best no matter what and then I will have no regrets. I expect to pass but can't say I have relished the long weeks of studying leading up to it. Next week is the big week and in a way I can't wait to just get them over with, even if it is going to be 40h of testing.

I guess thats how they seperate the PhD. students from the PhD. candidates........ ha ha

Monday, August 11, 2008

I do want to get my PhD. but...

I am burning out from studying for the qualifying exams next week. I agree with the general premis of taking them to prove my knowledge level before moving on to the next level in my degree but a week of exams and preparing for them is alot of work especially in the summer.

Gee I think I sound like a whiner! Back to studying I go....

Uggggh its raining

Generally speaking, I love the rain on a Sunday afternoon when I can nap and relax to the sound rain taping on the window sill. Not when it is August (aka the supposedly hottest, driest, warmest month of the year). Especially when I am trying to grow a crop for my PhD. Ok, yes every garden has suffered, even my home garden and yes, I know thats the risk I take with field work BUT.... who knew it would be such a dreary rain month of July-August (so far).

I am quite concerned that my squash may succumb to diseases further than what they are already suffering from (soft rot). I see fungi= not a good sign. Winter squash though the name is misleading originate from the tropics and need warm dry weather to thrive!

So, hopefully my fields will dry up so I can get back in there and do my work without sinking up to my ankles in mud. Thankfully I had sneakers on, my crocs would have been lost forever. Yes, some of you would not mourn that loss but I would because now I have mud stained useless sneakers.....

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