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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Can we just talk about names for a second?

So the compromise to finding out the sex ( I didn't want to know) was that we would not make the name public. We have a couple of family names we like but I just knew that would create controversy and possibly hurt feelings if people knew in advance. SO I figured once the baby comes, no one would argue when they saw that cute baby's face right?!

Ugh. Its all I can say.

J didn't really hold up his end of the bargain and caved and told his mom our names before we knew the sex. She over course made her opinion known and was against some of our names especially if they were not that side of the family's name. *sigh*

Of course I was upset but J argued that he didn't think we really agreed on this compromise... I was tempted not to know the sex just to spite him but I didn't.

Knowing is nice for us because it helps me to bond I think at least for now. It was fun not knowing and fun to know. Especially because I can refer to the baby as her/she now.

So what to do about that name? We are sticking to our guns and going with the name we like family in agreement or not.

Cue today when I get a voicemail from J's stepmother in law congratulating us on the baby girl and says she just loves our name.....that its beautiful.

How does she know the name?!!!!!

Guess it won't be a secret. *sigh* I just don't want people discussing it because everyone will have an opinion one way or another.



Jolene said...

Aw sis, I'm sorry All I can say is - go with what YOU TWO WANT and nobody else. That's all you can do. I respect whatever you do - because whatever her name is, I will love her unconditionally. XO sis. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Ames here...I agree with Jo, do what YOU WANT, it's YOUR baby. Everyone else has already had their chance to name their kids. So happy for you!