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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Moving slower... but still moving

So one thing I did not expect going into pregnancy was the feeling of shortness or breath. I know I am not a skinny girl but I feel like I have always been able to carry my weight well, maintain it and exercise to be fairly healthy.

Boy, its really depressing that walking about a brisk pace or up a flight of stairs will now leave me breathless. I know its because of two things 1. I now have asthma and 2. pregnancy increases blood volume but NOT red blood cells (those happy little O2 carriers). So I am hefting more fluids around without the help of rbcs. Great.

What am I doing about it? Well I am still moving, just slower. I walk everyday on campus, the dogs and on Wednesdays they go to obedience where there is alot of walking/moving to do.

I also started water aerobics on Saturdays. I have to say I don't have a huge bump so I was nervous of not looking pregnant with a bunch of other pregnant ladies. But I was ok and the water felt amazing! I wish I could do it everyday! I took water aerobics in college but this was different, focused on relieving our aches and pains and not raising our bp too much.

Unfortunately, I already have some swelling my ankles... probably due to salt intake and standing at work. I drink a lot of water and put my feet up but it is uncomfortable. Here is the evidence at the end of the day yesterday... its not for the faint of heart!


Anonymous said...

Aww sis! Your poor ankles!!

Anonymous said...

Ouch! You'd better start taking it easy girl!!

Growing More than Vegetables said...

Thanks ladies... they were better today but seriously... not pretty!