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Friday, April 16, 2010

The value of Aunts

Well I have to say I feel honored to be mentioned in two blogs this week and Ok they were my sister's blogs but they were talking about becoming aunties :)

I think back to my aunts and how they influenced me growing up. I would say I was equally close with my mom and my dad's sisters and learned alot about our family through them. As a triplet, we didn't always get alot of one-on-one time with mom, especially once she became a single parent so my mom and aunts started a special night for all of us once in a while. Our aunts and mom would take one of us out to do something special, go for pizza, a movie or shopping. I remember that fondly!

Other times, my aunt Ginny would come down to our house and we would play board games, eat fried chicken and candy ;) healthy I know! Sometimes aunt Carmela would watch us on Sundays while my parents went for a drive. Uncle Tom would come too and take us to a penny candy store in Rockport.

As I have gotten older I haven't as much time to spend with my aunts but I would say we are all close. Even when miles seperate us we still keep up. They are both very excited about baby N for sure :)

Now starts the next generation, what will my child learn from their aunties? They get to have 3! My sisters, and my sister-in-law who might as well be my other sister. I just know that my sisters will set a good example for him or her. Teach them confidence, diligence and how to have fun aunty-style :) I can see them playing with them at the camp in Maine or at the beach. Or making pizza with Jess and Scott and playing with Jolene's kitties (or Jess's) :) I am excited to see that relationship evolve... even if it means they may get to change a few stinky diapers. Let the auntie throwdown begin!

Love you sisters and I am so excited you get to be aunties!!


Anonymous said...

You are so funny, Jen. I totally don't remember the fried chicken part! I LOVED that candy store growing up though, I can still remember it VIVIDLY!!!

Jolene said...

Aww - such a perfect post! And Jess, you don't remember fried chicken with Ginny?! I SO remember!! What was that game we played - cooties?!


You three are all so cute.

I don't remember being especially close to any aunts - my dad loathed his sister and my mom had 7 brothers - but I do feel especially close with my niece. Family, no matter who they are, is always good to have around!

Veggie Girl and Family said...

Thank you T... I am glad you are close to your neice... writing this made me realize that we did have something special with our aunts :)