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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sometimes you just need your Grandma and Grampy

Today, my grandparents came over. We sort of started a new routine where Gram comes over on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons to play and watch Isabel while I do 'work'. I am working on my dissertation...easing back in. I feel my brain re-congeling after nearly losing it through all this!

Gramp came along today because he wanted to go shopping in the area so he dropped off gram and off he went.

Gram played with Isabel while I got to drink a cup of coffee I desperately needed, we had napped a bit before they came but I was still tired. Actually, Isabel had a great day of napping starting with a nap at 7am to 10am! She was in a delightful mood.

We took Gram to see Isabel's room because it had dawned on me she hadn't seen it yet! She approved and rocked in the rocker while I put laundry away. It was just so nice to have an extra set of hands so I can get some stuff done.

We took Isabel for a walk with the puppies around the neighborhood. Gram proudly pushed her in her stroller and I walked the dogs. Soon after we got back Isabel fell asleep in Gram's arms. Such a precious moment. I sat in another chair attempting to work but I kept looking over at the two of them and relishing the moment. Its not often that great grandparents get to have so much time with their great grandchildren. I am so fortunate that they are both in such good health and sound mind. They just love Isabel and would do anything for her. It is such a special bond that has formed. Gram and I also get to talk, she has told me things I never knew about how it was for her to be a parent and we talked more about my health and what happened to me. We are relating to each other on a new level and I really cherish that.

After Isabel woke up Gram got to feed her and just talked to her about all kinds of things, told her little stories about me as a girl, and it just reminded me of being a kid when she would tell me stories when she babysat us.

Grandpa came back and Isabel was all smiles for him. He held her and it was just so sweet. He kissed her head and gave her a little wink. He is a proud Great Grandpa, of course. He even loves our pups, he always greets them and pats them too.

I feel fortunate to have my grandparents in my life and that they are so involved in Isabel's life. Its a special bond and it makes me feel so greatful for family.


Jolene said...

awwwww!!!! that is so cute!! I didn't know they did that!! How awesome. Great time to spend with them too :)

Jenny Carpenter said...

I love this post - I'm also grateful that Stella got to meet my grandmother this summer...wish she lived closer so that she could have moments like your Gram and Grandpa are having with Isabel - truly precious!

Jessica said...

OMG they are way too cute sis, how awesome to have this time with them huh? We are truly blessed.